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A voluntary organization established with a motto of serving the disadvantaged and impoverished strata of the society in the Tribal Gujarat region of Gujarat. Our agency has a very past reputed history of serving the people o LUNAWADA taluka through various humanitarian, educational in per capital in the country also 7th place in the developmental index, the gap between the haves and have notes take strategic position among all the planners and implementers and is a major concern today. 

Dream of a well-developed society with balanced rural and urban growth have been one of the major objectives of MRDF and during 18 years we have achieved those milestones targeted philanthropically. Varied emerging needs of the society both in rural and urban centers has side lined all our achievements and has conglomerated a list of new areas to be looked into. This tremendous ongoing waves of inductions has set up a bench mark for MRDF to undertake new programs which is expected to give alternative livelihood potions for umber of families living poverty line.

Key Activities

To take initiatives for overall development of communities.

Water Shed

Save Girl Child

Health Camp

Tree Plantation

Land Development

Water Save

Working Area


Our website enables you to make a donation to a donor advised fund at Murli Rural Development Foundation.