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Education Activity

In our country, there are many issues like terrorism, underdevelopment, illiteracy, women empowerment, child development and so on.

Tree Plantation Exp

For the conservation of nature, the environment our trust had celebrated the environment day in which children have plant trees in schools and public places.

Child Development

Children in almost all the developing and weaker societies remain in privilege group.


Developed and healthy nation is the vision of Murli Rural Development Foundation. The health of people will contribute a lot to the development process.

Women Empowerment

Women even in the 21st century are not having equal opportunities in all spheres of life as compared to men. They are facing various socio-economical and political struggles.

Youth Empowerment

Youth are the golden part of society. If their energy is being utilized and diverted in the right way the nation can have the best output.

Rural Development

Large number of population of India still remains in Rural areas where they are facing a number of problems related to their development.

Tribal Development

Tribal people since decades remain as a marginalized community as a part of society.

Tree plantation

Degradation in the environment again is a burning issue at a global level. Global Warming, Acid rain, ozone depletion are few of them.

Food Distribution Program

If we see Maslow’s theory of need, food, cloth and shelter are the basic need of the human being.

Sewing Class

Sewing training is also one the step taken by the organization to able the women for starting income generating activities

Health Shibir

The rural community is suffering from many problems like lack of infrastructure facilities, banking facilities, awareness, communication facilities, medical facilities etc.


Our website enables you to make a donation to a donor advised fund at Murli Rural Development Foundation.