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Food Distribution Program

  February 7,2019

If we see Maslow’s theory of need, food, cloth and shelter are the basic need of the human being. In our country there are many problems like poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, corruption and so on. Poverty leads illiteracy due to the expensive education. Poor people cannot afford the education expenses. And so that they cannot grip the income generation opportunities. And other side the price of the grains, vagetables, oil, and other things are increasing day by day. So poor people cannot afford that much quantity of food so that they can fulfill their needs. So our trust had arranged food distribution program in Mankodiya, Santrampur in Panchmahal Ready to eat food, grains were distributed among the poor people. 137 family can get the benefit of this program.

Our website enables you to make a donation to a donor advised fund at Murli Rural Development Foundation.